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Build It Yourself Agility Equipment

Tire Jump

  • Saw, pipe cutter, or sawz-all
  • Drill
  • ½" bore (A bore resembles a drill bit but has a sharply pointed center. They're found in the same section as drill bits in your hardware store. Bores produce smoother holes and go through drainage tubing better than bits. They're also easier to find in the ½" size)
  • Screwdriver
  • Tape measure/yard stick
  • PVC cement
  • Marker
  • White out or light-colored paint pen
Parts (one complete jump)
  • 2 pieces 48" x 1½" schedule 40 PVC (top and bottom bars)
  • 2 pieces 60" x 1½" schedule 40 PVC (uprights)
  • 4 pieces 15" x 1½" schedule 40 PVC (feet)
  • 4 1½" PVC pipe end caps
  • 2 1½" PVC 4-Way Tees
  • 2 1½" PVC Elbows
  • 8 1" x 1" eye bolts (1" diam x 1" stem)
  • 8 wing toggles (*See alternative below)
  • 3 washers
  • 92" of 4" flexible drainage pipe
  • 2 36" cloth-covered bungees
  • 24" plastic landscaping chain
  • 1 mending link for landscaping chain
  • 1 carabiner
  • 5 cable ties
  • colorful duct/tarp tape
  1. Mark spot 8" from each end of both 48" pvc pieces
  2. Bore ½" hole through upper wall of both pipes at marks
  3. Choose one piece of pipe as your frame top and mark at 24" (center)
  4. Bore ½" hole at mark through upper wall of top pipe
  5. Insert two 15" pvc pieces (feet) into base of 4-Way Tee
  6. Insert bottom 48" pvc piece into remaining opening of 4-Way Tee with holes pointing up
  7. Insert 60" pvc piece (upright) into upright joint of 4-Way Tee
  8. Attach PVC elbow on top of upright
  9. Repeat steps 5-8 for opposite side, joining uprights with top and bottom bars making sure everything looks correct. Holes in top bar should point down (inside of jump frame). Holes in bottom bar should point up (inside of jump frame)
  10. DON'T GLUE sides, top, or bottom bars if you will ever need to knock down your Tire Jump for transport or storage. Gluing the feet is recommended, however.
    If your Tire Jump is permanent, glue joints one by one, removing PVC pieces from joints and dabbing PVC cement inside openings of the joints. Quickly re-insert pipe taking care everything is pointing in the correct direction. PVC Cement sets fast. Make sure you know which direction your joint should face before you glue!
  11. Cap ends of feet
  1. Form drainage tubing into ring, overlapping edges about 4". Measure to make sure Tire has 24" inner diameter...adjust as needed
  2. Mark 12 o'clock, 3 o'clock, and 9 o'clock positions on the outside of the tire with White Out or paint pen, using overlap as 12 o'clock
  3. Bore ½" hole at each mark
  4. Place washer on 1" x 1" eye bolt and thread wing toggle.
  5. Insert through hole until the wing toggle springs open
  6. Hand tighten
  7. Repeat process at 9 o'clock and 12 o'clock holes
  8. Duct tape seam well
  9. Stripe tire as desired
  1. Place washer on 1" x 1" eye bolt and thread wing toggle.
  2. Insert through first hole in top bar until the wing toggle springs open.
  3. Tighten by putting your screwdriver through the eye and turning
  4. Repeat process for each hole in top and bottom bars
  5. Attach carabiner to top center eye
  6. Use mending link to attach chain to 12 o'clock eye in tire
  7. Attach chain to carabiner to hang tire
  8. Run bungee through 3 o'clock eye bolt
  9. Snap each end of bungee to eye at top and bottom of frame
  10. Repeat for 9 o'clock eye bolt

    Eyelet on Tire Frame

  11. Determine which link the tire should hang from for each jump height and fasten a cable tie to mark each
  12. Decorate your Tire Jump with Duct or Tarp tape

Tire Jump

*Alternative to Wing Toggles

If you have a good building supply store, ask for Toggler® brand toggle bolts in the ¼" - 20 size. These nifty toggles are sold separate from the bolts, and have a built-in plastic mounting handle and washer that makes them much easier to work with. [See Picture 1 | Picture 2]

Drill the same ½" hole. Bend the plastic toggler applicator to insert the nut into the tire. Pull the toggle flush to the inside wall of the tire, and slide the plastic washer up the applicator (like a cable tie) until snug. Break off applicator and screw in eye bolt with washer.

For more information, see the Toggler® brand webpage at:


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